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Our Services


Our accredited counter fraud specialists and skilled communications team work together to deliver a programme of counter fraud initiatives and fraud awareness campaigns to promote an anti-fraud culture. These include:

Proactive Projects

where we work with our NHS colleagues to plan exercises and investigations that seek out, identify, assess and examine areas at risk from financial crime activity within the health service in Scotland

Fraud Awareness Roadshows

which raise general awareness of the issue of fraud to various staff groups as part of a wider campaign, utilising a variety of communication media to promote key messages

Fraud Proofing

where we impact assess various policies, procedures and systems, both at commissioning and review stages, to design-out weaknesses and to highlight loopholes;

Fraud Workshop Portfolio

is a series of workshop sessions aimed at improving staff understanding of the impact of fraud, whilst also informing them of legislation changes that may impact them. For more information, view the workshop portfolio

Fraser Paterson, National Counter Fraud Manager


Fraser Paterson,
National Counter Fraud Manager,
01506 705200


Our specialist intelligence and statistics teams collaborate on a range of initiatives that centre on the analysis, prioritisation and progression of fraud related allegations.

Our purpose is to develop an intelligence-led capability, working together across the public sector and external organisations to share information, identify risk and develop proactive, joined-up approaches to countering fraud. Our work includes:

Fraud Risk Assessment

where we systematically gather and analyse information from our customers and provide them with a statistically based risk assessment of their vulnerability to fraud;

Intelligence Alerts

where we receive information about the latest methods being used by organised groups to commit fraud related crime. This data is shared with our partners and provides counter fraud avoidance advice and guidance, where appropriate;


we have the capability to develop toolkits that cross-compare and analyse data to identify trends and indicators that may expose instances of fraud.

Craig McKinlay, National Counter Fraud Manager


Craig McKinlay,
National Counter Fraud Manager,
01506 705200


Our experienced and professionally accredited investigation team carry out investigations into fraud related allegations where public sector monies are involved.

As a Specialist Reporting Agency, we work with our partners to report relevant cases to The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. We can also recommend that disciplinary and financial recovery action is taken or that counter fraud measures to close loopholes and address system weaknesses are implemented.

As our investigations gather evidence to establish whether fraud related crimes have been committed, we consider many aspects, including; the standard of evidence required for a criminal court, the integrity of evidence, whether a search warrant or forensic assistance is necessary and what information requires to be disclosed to The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

Scott Fraser, National Counter Fraud Manager


Scott Fraser,
National Counter Fraud Manager,
01506 705200