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Fraud. What it is and how to recognise it.

01 March 2013

Fraud in the NHS is costing us tens of millions of pounds every year. That could mean people not getting the NHS treatment they deserve.

NHSScotland Counter Fraud Services (CFS) provide a full service to the NHS in Scotland through a centrally based, professionally qualified team of specialists, dedicated only to counter fraud work. We are determined to combat fraud wherever it arises and aim to ensure, as far as possible, that healthcare funding is used for legitimate patient care.

Working in partnership with other NHS organisations and professional associations, we raise awareness of the detrimental effects of fraud on the health service in Scotland. It is important that the vast majority of honest, committed individuals who provide the service are involved in the fight against fraud.

Only a very small number of healthcare professionals, staff and patients seek to defraud the NHS, but our aim is to identify those areas of misuse of resources and reduce this to an absolute minimum.

If you work in, or use the services of NHSScotland, you have a moral obligation to help prevent fraud. We are intent on nurturing an anti-fraud culture within NHSScotland where fraud is regarded as being unacceptable. We can all play a role in protecting the services and resources of the service, and further raise the profile of the detrimental impact of fraud.

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