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Strategy to Combat NHS Fraud in Scotland

30 November 2008

Our Commitment

The Scottish Government is committed to sustaining and improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland which will, in turn, help us to achieve another of our commitments – to enable businesses and people to increase their wealth and more people to share fairly in that wealth, for there is undoubtedly a direct link between a healthy population and economic wealth creation.

Maximising the use of resources is crucial to implementing these commitments. We are therefore determined to combat NHS fraud wherever it arises and, in this way, ensure as far as possible that healthcare funding is used for legitimate patient care.

To achieve this, we need a shared vision and a common sense of purpose i.e. of a Scottish Health Service where fraud is not allowed to flourish but is perceived as an infection which is contaminating the NHS and must be treated urgently, with a part for all of us in the healing process.We therefore intend to engage fully with all of those who value the NHS and have an interest in protecting its services and resources and further raise the profile of the detrimental impact of fraud.

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