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The Checking Process

The Patient Exemption Checking Process

  • Every month claims for all exemption categories are checked and confirmed with the appropriate agencies, including the Department for Work & Pensions (the Benefits Agency), HM Revenue & Customs and NHS Business Services Authority.
  • All non confirmed patients will be written to and advised of the type, date and cost of the service received and requested to provide proof of the exemption claimed.
  • If, after 4 weeks, no response is received a Penalty Charge Notice will be sent.
  • If, after a further 4 weeks, no response is received a Surcharge Notice will be sent.
  • If there is no response to any of the above, a debt management agency will recover the claim.

The Patient Charge Structure

  • Statutory Charge - the cost to the patient for the service provided as detailed in legislation.
  • Penalty Charge - 5 times the original Statutory Charge (up to a maximum of £100).
  • Surcharge - 50% of the amount of the Penalty Charge.




Statutory Charge


£384.00 (Maximum charge)

Penalty Charge



Running Total








Total Outstanding



If you are genuinely entitled to exemption from charges you have nothing to worry about. We are here to ensure that patients entitled to receive exemption charges continue to do so.

Are you aware of someone making a fraudulent claim? 

If you have any concerns over other patients claiming exemption from payment incorrectly please fill in the online form to alert CFS to fraudulent claims.

Secondary Care Registration Form

Patients who do not hold a Community Health Index (CHI) number and require registration for urgent NHS treatment and services at NHS Secondary Care Faciliities should complete this form.  This will be handed to them for completion by appropriate NHS staff.

Form to be printed/downloaded by NHS Staff only.