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An Introduction to Counter Fraud Services (CFS)

This short film gives an overview of the work of NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services (CFS). We work in partnership to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of fraud on the health service in Scotland, investigating suspected cases of fraud whenever they are reported.



Every day NHS Scotland works to improve the health, welfare and quality of life for the people in Scotland.
But every year tens of millions of pounds are lost from NHS Scotland funds as a result of fraud.
That's money that could be spent on more resources, better health care services - and a brighter future for Scotland.
NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services is a dedicated team set up to reduce fraud, free up resources for patient care, and work with Health Boards and the health professions to boost the public's confidence in the NHS.
We all benefit from a National Health Service in Scotland free from fraud and corruption. An NHS which is free at the point of delivery.
Unfortunately there are a small proportion of individuals who seek to defraud the NHS - but any resources diverted from those who need it is unacceptable.
We cannot create an anti-fraud culture alone. We need to work in partnership with everyone involved in the NHS in Scotland, both staff and patients.
Together we can put health service money back where it belongs - in an NHS that Scotland expects and deserves.
To report a suspected fraud, call the fraud hotline on 08000 15 16 28.
For further information, go to