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What Fraud in NHS Scotland looks like

This advertisement provides some examples of the different types of fraud that can occur within NHS Scotland. Fraud costs the health service millions of pounds every year.




This year, some of us will use the NHS more than ever...
Mark will obtain a prescription, for an illness he doesn't have.
Ahmed will be paid overtime, for hours he didn't work.
Julie will claim for mileage, that wasn't exactly work-related.
John will dispense a generic drug, but claim for an expensive one.
Diane will falsify her CV, to get a job that she isn't qualified for.
And Steve will send an invoice, for goods that were never delivered.
Fraud costs the NHS millions every year.
Who pays? - We All Do!
If you have a concern about NHS Fraud, call in confidence.
Take the 'U' out of Fraud - for all of us !